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1. Excel Left function – Description

The Excel LEFT formula return a specified number of characters from the text, begining from the left side. How does the LEFT function work? The function return text from another text starting from the left side. For example, from the sentence “I’m the best programmer” we can return word “I am”.

2. Excel Left Formula– Syntax

String – The text string from which we cut text from the left side.

Length – We can specify in this argument how many characters from the string we want to return.

Function returns: String / text value

3. Excel Left Function – Example

Here is an example of using the LEFT function in the Excel worksheet. You can paste it into cell.

Excel Formulas - Left

Excel Formulas – Left

4. Left Function – additional informations

  • If you don’t use second argument of function, Excel will return first letter of your text.

5. Excel Left Function – Where to use?

Left Excel formula can be used in: Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016.

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