VBA Tutorial – Introduction to VBA in Excel

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1. What is VBA in Excel?

In this article you will find all about my VBA Tutorial. Course is ablolutely free and ready for online use. Visual Basic for Applications, called also VBA is a programming language that you can use in MsOffice applications. VBA expands the capabilities of the Office package. It allows you to create things that at first glance seem impossible to do in Excel, Word or Access. In each of these Office applications you write the code in a very similar way. VBA syntax is very simple. Best for beginner programmers. A lot of useful features are available. In my VBA Course I will present VBA programming under Excel. With VBA programming you can use the capabilities that the Excel spreadsheet doesn’t give you. You can create your own functions and macros. We can also automate your work to make itself.

2. What is VBA for?

Using VBA code in Excel you can:

  • Create useful macros,
  • Write your own functions, which Excel doesn’t has,
  • Create add-ins for Excel,
  • Automate your work. Imagine that your work is done, and you can take care of more useful things.

3. Excel VBA Course – Who is this course for?

If you already know enough about Excel and want to improve your skills then this course is for you. The VBA course is based on Excel 2016. There are no barriers to using the skills learned in earlier versions of Excel. If you do not want to spend your money on paid Excel VBA courses, use the free course on this site. You will find a lot more valuable information here. The VBA tutorial is prepared on the practice of my work. I focus on what you actually can use in VBA in Excel. You only need to have MsExcel installed to begin the course. I recommend choosing the most current version (now 2016). If you are ready to start your online course, go to the next chapter where you will get to know the VisualBasic Editor.


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